[poem] Post-game Incident

We learned just enough to be little

and find still no escape at all. What

worm is this? In what wood? I’ve met

your enthusiasm, now lost to both of us.

What world is this? In what mood?

I can’t understand anything

despite a close reading

of sunlight across the cracked asphalt

parking lots that now blight every

corner of this country. I know what I know,

which is nothing. Which is slightly more

than nothing, meaning less than nothing

 on account of the mirrored delusions

all certainty blinds with. What habits

are these in my manufactured existence?

I’ve leapt from great heights only to discover

the dirt under my sneaks would always

be unimpressed. Accounting tricks can keep us

going but for how long? How many hair ties

in your sock drawer? I am trying very hard

to not care or to care less but. One more penalty

and I’ll be finished. I’ll misunderstand you

on purpose and without mercy. This is the Oracle

of the Grapefruit. Or so we’ve been told. One step

forward, though little else remains. Bring me

a baked oyster or else. Or else what? Line of seagulls

atop a chain link fence. New memories still

unclaimed and aloof out there. We turn every day

from inevitable, but it can only take us so far.

I don’t cope, I escape. Until I can’t. A purpose-driven

startup in pain, financially speaking. What language

is this? What masks to wear to the daily screen?

I found comfort in the warmth

I stole from you and I’ll never give it back.